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Last month I did a blog on my trip to Iceland, this is part two of that blog. While covering Event Photography would be my prime work, traveling and capturing nature, buildings, etc etc, is the palette cleansing topic I adhere for. During July 2017, I embarked on a once in a lifetime journey that would take me to Iceland, Amsterdam, Normandy, Paris, Ibiza, Brussels, Bruges, and ending in London. Every location had its pros and cons, but the goal in traveling is to embrace other cultures and keep an open mind. The food, languages, financial system, and people, are all items to respect when being a tourist. The only gear I brought on this vacation was my Canon 5D3 and my 16-35mm F2.8 V2 lens. With my camera in hand, here is how that trip played out.

Picking up from last month’s blog, I covered the itinerary for Iceland. Without going into more details, here is a Google Map for the one-day trip I did called the Golden Circle. This will take one day and is worth the time. I first started at Silfra Fissure, and did the first morning snorkeling tour with a company called Artic Adventures at 9am. When you arrive, you get suited, then briefed, then you enter the water. The whole process takes 2-3 hours. Make sure you use the bathroom before you get suited. The snorkeling was a definite highlight of my entire trip. Afterwards, I went to Strokkur Geysir. This is a huge tourist attraction, so be prepared for that. Afterwards, right down the street (relatively speaking) is Gulfoss Falls. It is another tourist trap, but the falls are incredible and amazing to witness. Finally, I trekked back and drove to Grimsnes crater. This thing was HUGE. All in all, the driving and site seeing and snorkeling experience is something you must experience yourself to appreciate its beauty. Here is the MAP for the one-day adventure.

Next on the journey was Amsterdam. You always hear of people speaking about their experiences here, and Amsterdam did not disappoint. My hotel was about a 15-20-minute train/bicycle ride away from city center, which is the prime area to site see. Amsterdam was amazing. The food was amazing, the bicycle friendly roads were great, and the people were cool. One thing to note about Amsterdam is that they are a very cash based economy. I found it difficult to use my credit card in most places I went to. So be sure to carry 2-300 euro if you plan on touring the streets. If you plan on going to the Anne Frank house, buy your tickets online months in advance. Pretty much if you want to do any type of tour anywhere in Europe, buy your tickets online in advance, you will be glad you did, trust me. To conclude on Amsterdam, the two best places I visited were Amstel Park and a music festival called Outdoor Extrema. Amstel Park is massive and provides a little bit of everything for everyone. They had art installations, mini golf course, a pet friendly farm, snack bars, ice cream shops, and many more. I had never seen a park offer so much to do and see. Getting to Outdoor Extrema required driving an hour and a half South East through Amsterdam, and man it was gorgeous. The festival was great with a solid DJ line up and great vibes all around.

After Amsterdam, I headed to Normandy which is the northern part of France. I visited Mont Saint Michelle a second time which is always a breathtaking place to visit. It’s basically a massive castle surrounded by water. After visiting Rouen, France, I headed into Paris and went to the top of Notre Dame. After Notre Dame, I headed to Palace of Versailles. If you have never been, I recommend arriving early in your day, maybe even first thing, the property is massive and I suggest renting the golf cart, it’s worth the money to save your legs from exhaustion. After the few days in France, it was time to go to Ibiza. Ibiza was a much warmer climate but worth the trip. I stayed near the partyville area, but off the beaten path so it was much quieter. I checked out multiple cities via the scooter I rented which was perhaps the best thing I could have done. I checked out the pool parties at Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza. These locations were fantastic, it was truly amazing to party at night and relax at the beach by day. After Ibiza it was time to go to Belgium for Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland is perhaps the worlds largest music festival. To give you an example, within 3 days, I walked about 40 miles. The sheer magnitude of this music festival is astonishing, and it’s well equipped to handle that many people. The festival was great, after spending 5 days in Brussels, I headed to Bruges. Bruges was more of a vacation spot for tourists and it’s very easy to get around by train and walking. The site seeing here and canal tour was a good experience and highly recommended. I purchased the 20-euro museum pass and got to see multiple places for much less than paying at each location. After Bruges, it was time to end in London.

I took the channel from Brussels to London, it wasn’t as scary as you might think. Arriving in London, the hotel I stayed at was across the street from Westminster Abbey. It was off the tourist area so it was very quiet and comfortable and easy to walk to Big Ben and the subway. Getting around was a breeze. There was one instance where 7 men were following me into the subway, and instead of making any mistakes, I immediately made a B line for the stairs and went back up to street level and took a cab to my destination. This was the only instance the entire trip where something could have gone horribly wrong, but using common sense, I made the right decision. Always be alert of your surroundings, don’t constantly look at your phone or map, you will become an easy target. The 3 days in London were awesome. I ate at some of the best places in town, Flat Iron being one of them. It was an hour and a half wait, and well worth it. Another great restaurant was Burger and Lobster. Burger and Lobster had a great atmosphere and the food was delicious and a must to check out. I attended a boat party with the legendary Matt Darey for his album launch party on the River Thames. The party was fun and the after party at Last Days of Shoreditch was even more fun with hilarious stories and antics shared across tables with guests traveling from USA, India, Scotland and more.

The one month of traveling is something I wish everyone could do, just so they could see what else is out there. This Earth is truly magnificent. If you have any questions or comments, please drop them below. Until next month, cheers!

In the month of July, I had the pleasure to visit Iceland. Seeing the country through Phoenix Photography eyes was truly amazing. There were a lot of lessons learned, but the main aspect of my journey was discovering exactly how beautiful this earth really is. I was there for 5 days, and each day just got better and better. This blog will be a two part post, I hope you enjoy it.

Upon arriving, I noticed the lack of traffic. This was fantastic to see, as I left with my rental car, 4×4 to be exact, I felt as though I could trek through anything, and I did! During the summer, Iceland doesn’t have nights, so to sleep, you must have black out curtains, and an eye mask is encouraged. At 1 in the morning, I drove out to the middle of nowhere, and found a waterfall after a 30-minute hike to get to it. It was absolutely breathtaking. Trollafoss to be exact.

On the second day, I went to Blue Lagoon, which is a very popular spa, with natural hot springs. While in the water, you can get two masks put on, afterwards, I got a 30 minute massage followed by a glass of champagne at the walk up bar. After spending 3.5 hours here, it was time to head back to my airbnb and see what waterfall was next on my to see list.

On the third day, I did the Golden Circle. It is basically a 1 day adventure to see and hit multiple sites. And man, it was worth it. My first stop was snorkeling between the European and North American continental plates. The location was the Silfra Springs. The water was so clear, you could see as far as you could under water, it was majestic. The water itself takes 30 years to travel from the mountain and is purified through the lava rock, so by the time it arrives, you can just drink it, no big deal. After the snorkeling experience, I continued onto the Waterfall nearby, then the geyser. To finish the day, I ended up at a Crater, which was magnificent.

On the fourth day, I woke up at 7am, by 730 am I had contacted Hella Horse Tours and booked my seat for the 10am ride. When I arrived, amazing staff greeted me, followed by the most beautiful horses you have ever seen, followed by a tour that would make your jaw drop. The tour took you through streams, flower fields, and lava rock. After the tour, I continued driving and pulled over here and there checking out waterfalls and scenic places as I found them.

On the 5th day, I just enjoyed the time I had left, freestyle, and checked out what I could. One thing to note is, while the flights are cheap to get here, the cost of food is 3-4 times more expensive to what you’re used to. I am not exaggerating, plan accordingly to bring your own food, cook your own meals, etc, because you will go broke eating out. Each meal was about $35-50 each time. After the second meal, I bought my own groceries which is still expensive, and cooked for myself.

Some pro tips would be this, go into Iceland with a plan, but don’t have a plan. Get a rental car and make sure it’s a 4×4. Don’t stay in one place, hotel or airbnb as you travel throughout the island. I regret not seeing more because I could only drive out so far before I had to turn back and get home. Make your own meals. Make sure you bring warm clothes that are waterproof and water resistant, it rains a lot and it’s cold. Make sure you document your trip with a high-end DSLR camera and Gopro if you can, the experiences you have will blow your mind. Iceland has even more to offer than what I saw. There are whale site seeing tours, ice caves, glacier hiking, the list goes on. In next month’s blog post, I will be doing a complete recap of my European tour. But Iceland was perhaps the best outdoor experience I wanted to share first.


Event Photography can take a lot out of you. Between running your business, being creative, buying new items, editing, learning new techniques, the list goes on and on, it can put a real strain on your brain. It wasn’t until recently that I started meditating. I hate to admit it, but I always thought meditating was this ‘bad thing’ that hippies and super cool spiritual people did, so I stayed away, admittedly being completely ignorant to the idea. Well, lesson learned.

One day, I was scrolling on my social media feed, and I came across this 2 minute video of a monk talking about meditation. He explained that it is hard to turn the brain off, because our brains are like chattering little monkeys, always distracting, and talking talking talking. When meditating, you tell your brain to breathe in, and breathe out, over and over, this makes it so your brain doesn’t think about anything else, therefore your focus is now breathing, and it slows your heart down, and in turn, calms you down.

Like many, MANY people, I suffer from high anxiety, and get panic attacks for some things I think about that will probably never happen. If this sounds like you, then I’m glad you’re still reading. After suffering for so long with anxiety, and refusing to take prescription drugs, then coming across the meditation video, I decided to seek out meditation techniques that would help me with my problem.

That is when I came across this app called ‘Calm’ on the Apple app store. This app has been incredible. I use it when I have a panic attack, and I use it to help me to go sleep. Now, initially, they have pretty neat features that are free, such as sounds like thunderstorms, fireplace, fountains, etc for background sounds if you’re trying to sleep, relax, or work at your desk. It comes with a free breathing technique, 2 complimentary adult bedtime stories (it’s meditation hiding in form of a story), and a free 7-day meditation program. There are purchase options available if you decide to take your calming services more seriously.

I can honestly tell you, this app has been a life saver. Everything it does for me, works. Even when I’m alone, sometimes I just focus on breathing, and it helps. With this new-found practice, my mental clarity has been sharper, and lately, I am much more relaxed, even while running my business life and handling my personal life. If this helps just one person reading this, than I will be happy with my time spent here. If you feel this can help others, please share this with the world, your family, or friend. Mental illness is serious, mental instability is serious, and if we all took a little time to help each other or help someone else by showing them how they could help themselves, you never know what positive impact it may have. After your head is clear, pick up that camera, and get creative again. ?

This months blog post is a review of what to wear for formal and informal Event Photography jobs.
This is a great and short tutorial for beginners stepping into the media world.
Feel free to comment or advise on other products that we may not know about that can help.

Till next time!


One of the most useful and underrated tools in this day and age is effectively using your calendar. For Phoenix Photography, the most critical tool to be used day in and day out is your calendar. From scheduling meetings, reminders, and appointments, it is imperative to stay on top of your business in order to be successful.

First and foremost, the most important person to the success of your business is your client. It doesn’t matter who it is, they all deserve the same attention and respect. Your potential client is counting on you to deliver what they want/need done. This means they need your time, they need you to be on time, and they need to know your turn around time.  To this very day, I utilize Google Calendar and have a paper calendar next to my desk, — always, so I can glance up and look at my week and know what to expect.

It can’t be stressed enough; staying organized shows professionalism. How likely are you to take a doctor serious if you walk into their office and its dirty or cluttered? Not likely at all. So why is your client going to take you serious if you’re late or can’t remember deadlines? The key here is setting reminders. Within a computers calendar settings or if you’re on your phone, you can set reminders that will pop up and show you what to expect up to a week in advance. This is great because now you can prepare your equipment the night before a shoot. The reminder setting is like a special imaginary friend that reminds you to be your best.

Another great feature of ‘Calendars’ is being able to create a meeting/appointment/scheduled date for a shoot and invite the client to what you just created. After you invite them, an email is sent to them and if they ‘accept’ the appointment is now on their calendar and now reminds them. How sweet is that! It really is a disservice to both parties to not utilize something so simple and easy. You can even create different calendars that can be created and shared with significant others and keep it separate from your work calendar. ‘Calendars’ on your technology can even be color-coded.

For those of you who have been procrastinating or just have issues with time, take it from me. After 7 years in the business, it is best practice to take organization and time organization seriously. There are nothing but benefits when it comes to handling whatever calendar option you choose to go with. If you have any of your own calendar advice, feel free to leave a comment.

Let’s face it, in today’s Phoenix photography market, it seems like everyone that has a camera is a “photographer.” But don’t be duped. It takes years and years of hard work and training to become a master of any craft. I’m now riding on my 9th year of shooting, (has it really been that long!?) and even I still have so much to learn. Now don’t get me wrong, at the youngest of ages, talent has no boundaries. When searching for a wedding photographer, it is important to know what you’re getting into, and I will try to help clear the air.

So first, not everyone with a camera is a photographer, and you SHOULD NOT RELY on your friends or families recommendation (“Uncle Charlie can shoot your wedding; he just got one of those fancy cameras”). NO. Do not let this happen to you, you will regret it and your wedding photos will go down in a horrible blaze. My number one recommendation is to review and verify ANY photographers’ portfolio. I have even seen photographers use other photographers work as their own to help drive their own business. If you just gasped, don’t worry, I get chills every time I have to say it too. Your safest bet is to narrow down three choices you and your significant other like, then contact them and try to schedule a meeting and have a one on one. This will ensure your comfort in the decision you will end up making. A big issue everyone has when trying to find someone is the cost. Look, wedding photography is not cheap. Cheap prices, mean cheap photos, simple as that. Gauge the photographers quality to their rates, which is why I said find 3 choices you like and narrow it down. Maybe one photographer is better at communicating with you. Maybe one has a better package. No matter the subject, if you spend $1000, don’t be surprised if you end up with mediocre work. It’s your wedding day: food, liquor, venue, and photo are the big 4. No one will remember the food, liquor or venue, but they will remember the photos and moments you get to keep forever – don’t forget that.

The good news about Arizona is that luckily, there are a lot of successful and talented photographers to choose from. It’s a pretty big realization to be chosen to shoot someone’s big day when there are so many choices to choose from. Some shooters fail to realize that this isn’t just a job, it’s a privilege to be hired to document a couple’s wedding. A key take away here would be, if you meet a photographer that is not only good at what they do, but they can also show charisma towards you, it’s a sure fire synergy to hire them.

In my current state, I am pushing to shoot more weddings. Half of my work flow comes from the music and bar industry, and the late nights can only go so far, so to fill the gap, weddings let me be creative and I get to showcase peoples massive and beautiful parties. I have recently joined Wedding Wire and that page can be seen (click here) and I am also on and that can be seen (here). Most photographers year after year flow with the things they like to shoot, and right now, I really enjoy weddings. Hire someone that shines just like you.

I started shooting nightlife back in 2010. As you can imagine, there is a lot that can be said in 7 years of taking photos inside nightclubs/bars. I started as an amateur, but now as a professional photographer, the wisdom I have gained from shooting within the city walls should be shared. This post will be more for people who decide to visit Scottsdale,  than an actual techy talk blog. Consider it a PSA of do’s and don’ts. The topics in this blog will be: what to wear, the types of people, locations, the food, the music, the experience, how to park, how to handle holidays and special events, and the growth of the city.

First thing first, what should you wear? Well, that all depends on what type of person you are and where you want to end up. Most bars or dive bars will let you in if you’re in flip flops or sneakers during winter or summer, while most clubs won’t let you in if you’re wearing sneakers or flip flops. During the summer, clubs still expect you to dress nice, even if it is a billion degrees outside. You can never go wrong with a button up, a dress, and breathable pants. Also, NEVER WEAR WHITE OR UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES. If you wear white anything, you are doomed. Just don’t do it, no matter how awesome your ass looks in those jeans. You will get them stained, somehow some way. And ladies, please wear shoes you can wear all night. No one wants to see you walking barefoot to your uber or cab with your high heels dangling next to your body. Those $200 Gucci’s are worthless at this point because you are definitely not impressing anyone.

One thing most people think of Scottsdale is that it is full of “douches and thousand dollar millionaires.” I have been working in the city at over a dozen places for the last 7 years. I have also traveled to a fair number of places in my life. Scottsdale, like any city, is going to have shitty people. But the latter has shown me that Scottsdale is actually pretty awesome with the crowd it brings in and the people that go out. I would say more than 90% of anyone out on any given weekend is out to have a good time with family and friends or looking to have fun in general. Maybe 2 times a year I come across real jerks, and I work about 6 nights a week all year long. Those are pretty good odds in my opinion. It doesn’t matter if you’re partying in Scottsdale or Vegas, you will always run into a variety of people with interesting personalities, and if you have any issues, just turn your cheek the other way, that’s what I do, and I’ve been well off so far.

When it comes to the music, probably every club is going to be playing the same music, which is essentially called, “Top 40.” That means every club will be playing what is typically popular on the radio at the time. On some occasions, some clubs will have special guest DJs that have a name to them, such as: Kaskade, Dada Life, or any other major electronic artist. These are typically ticketed events and should be purchased in advance. All clubs also offer bottle service. So if you find a venue you like best, or willing to try something new, it is typically better to buy a bottle or two and have your own private space for yourself or group that way you have a place to sit and not be jammed or shoved on the dance floor.

The experience at each location will differ. Each club has attractive staff, lights, great sound system, etc. To differentiate between each spot, you must see for yourself with: how did you like your customer service. Are the bartenders nice? Was security good? Were the drinks strong? Was the food good? Was the waitress attentive? Anything you would classify as appealing should be considered when planning a night out.

In an amazing trend that has occurred, most parent companies have deviated from being a direct nightclub and have broken barriers to also being a restaurant. It is an interesting concept, but one that works. By day and evening, locations serve food and show sports on their TVs. By night, these same locations turn into a hollering and crazy dance party. It is awesome to witness. When it comes to the food, not every location has a head chef or perhaps delivers the best quality in food. You can refer to yelp in checking places out in what people have to say before showing up. Planning ahead in any city trip is always a great idea. With Scottsdale being so small and easy to get around in the entertainment district, you will have no trouble picking a spot.

Scottsdale has done a better job at making parking easier for people, but unfortunately, most parking areas are valet, that means there is limited street parking. So here’s my advice. Uber or Lyft in, and Uber or Lyft out. If you have to cab, use Discount Cab as they are one of the more legit cab companies. If you’re planning on drinking, there is no smarter decision than this, simple as that. Always be safe than sorry, for you, your friends, and your family.

With the booming growth of the entertainment district in Scottsdale, a lot of special events take place now in Arizona. This means lots of tourism and lots of people. Take it for what it’s worth, plan ahead. If something is a ticketed event, get your tickets. If you need to be at a popular bar or club, get there early, or expect to pay a hefty (tip per head) at the front door. You can always try to grease the wheels, but if security doesn’t like you, you’re not getting in, so be nice. I always see people waiting in line and if they would have just arrived earlier, things would be different. Just trust me on this one. If you’re going out to a club, don’t expect to walk right in at 11pm. If you have a destination in mind, try to get their by 930-10pm.

Well that’s it! I hope my little insight will help you on your would be travels into one of my favorite cities in America. I hope you have a fun and safe time whenever you plan to visit.


Catch your attention? Good! You’re asking yourself, “How could he say such a thing! I achieve my goals all the time!” Well believe it or not, most psychologists have determined that once you say your goals out loud, you are less likely to achieve them. This mind puzzling realization was discovered on my drive to Las Vegas while I was listening to a TED Talk podcast. As a professional photographer, I set many goals on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis, even stretching out to as yearly. So why is it that you should never say your goals out loud, and why should you set goals in the first place? Let’s dive in.

First, let’s make one thing clear, you should definitely have goals in your life, that’s what makes this life more fun! Second, DON’T TELL ANYONE! Okay, that second part is incredibly difficult. You are now in the digital age, you are on Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Instagram, I mean c’mon, you announce almost everything you do! But when it comes to your goals, you are only shooting yourself in the foot when you express the things you need to get done.

Psychologists throughout time have discovered that people who keep goals to themselves are more likely to succeed at them, while others that make goals and tell their circle, are least likely to succeed because they have now planted the good news in their brain and now they don’t feel that they need to work as hard to achieve them. Sounds crazy right? Wrong. This information is fact. In the TED Talk by Derek Sivers, he explains this in full detail.

“It goes like this: 163 people across four separate tests. Everyone wrote down their personal goal. Then half of them announced their commitment to this goal to the room, and half didn’t. Then everyone was given 45 minutes of work that would directly lead them towards their goal, but they were told that they could stop at any time. Now, those who kept their mouths shut worked the entire 45 minutes on average, and when asked afterward, said that they felt that they had a long way to go still to achieve their goal. But those who had announced it quit after only 33 minutes, on average, and when asked afterward, said that they felt much closer to achieving their goal.” – Derek Sivers

Let’s think about that for a minute…. If you’re asking yourself, have you been sabotaging yourself all these years, why haven’t you completed all those New Years resolutions, it’s because you announced them to everyone! In my opinion, you will have better satisfaction when you fulfill your goals in full secrecy and others see the achievements you have made. The key is to have goals, attainable goals, dream big, the only person holding you back is you. Goals will set you apart. Goals will turn practice into perfection. Goals will lift you up while the world tries to knock you down.

Make those goals, set high expectations, and keep doing your best. I’m in my 8th or 9th year now of shooting and when I look back at when I began, I can’t believe the quality and standards I had. To this day I have a list of goals next to my desk, and I see them everyday, and they will be accomplished, but you’ll never know what they are 😉

For the brief TED Talk video, check it out HERE.

I try not to limit my wedding spectrum to the Phoenix photography market, but more so the global market. Heck, I don’t really consider myself a wedding photographer. Though within the last 2 years, business has picked up, just not as local as I thought. Destination weddings might sound or seem expensive, but the reality is, for us photographers, it opens up a pandoras box of creativity, and costs about the same to the couple at hand.There are a few topics that I will be discussing, first: creativity. Then, the benefits of traveling, the skills you develop, and overall, stepping out of your comfort zone.


This year I have shot in Oregon, Cannon Beach, Page, AZ and Prescott, AZ to name a few. Upcoming and highly anticipated is Cancun, Mexico beach wedding. One of the absolute best things about going to new places is working with new climates and backgrounds. Every destination wedding I get booked for I always Google search the venue, area, and overall setting of where I will be. Google earth is also a big help. This preliminary research always helps me get my creative flow going. Since most photographers are visual people, the research helps me plan my attack on the big clients’ day. There is nothing worse than being caught off guard. In respects to creativity, constantly having new settings and locations will test your ability to come up with fresh ideas. In turn it will make you a better photographer.

Benefits of Traveling

When traveling for work, you get to do something most people don’t or cannot do for whatever reason there may be. Each destination wedding I get booked for, I find it a true blessing in disguise. Personally, I love travelling. Dependant on what you believe in, we get to experience this earth once, so any chance I get to see a new part of it, I jump at the opportunity, and so should you! When going to a location to work, I always make sure to arrive a few days early, or stay an extra few days pre or post wedding. This enables me to adventure the area and try out the locals food and hike the hottest spots. Again, doing research beforehand goes a long way. Finally, the more you travel, the more you are showing future clients how passionate you really are about what you do.

Comfort Zone

The comfort zone dilemma I can understand. Some of us don’t like flying, or being away from home for a few days because of our loved ones such as family and pets. Yes, I love sleeping in my own bed too, but sometimes, you just have to cut the rope and let yourself out of your bubble. If you have never seen the film, “Bubble Boy” I encourage you to do so. Just as it sounds, it’s about a boy trapped in a bubble that goes adventuring into the real world (keep in mind he’s been trapped in his bedroom his entire life). So the reference is a bit drastic, but you get my point. This stepping out of comfort doesn’t just apply to wedding work, you can apply this way of thinking to all aspects in your life. Most great inventions weren’t made by accepting the status quo. The ones that go out and take a chance are the ones that taste the fruit of life.

To wrap this up, destination weddings so far have been an absolute blast. I have seen some of the most amazing parks, beaches, overall settings I could have never seen if it weren’t for clients believing in me and taking a chance in my creativity. Any chance you get to be booked and go work somewhere, I say go for it. Just remember to pack accordingly to local weather, snacks, and double check all of your camera gear.

Here are a few selects from my adventures 🙂 Cheers!

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