Once again, Insomniac turned up the
heat over Memorial Day Weekends
3rd annual Electric Daisy Carnival in
New York. Held at Met Life Stadium,
the grounds were transformed into
an unbound wave of energy, music,
and lights. Over the 2 day held event,
approximately 100,000 attendees
arrived to laugh, dance, and parade
through carnival rides, 4 massive
stages highlighting 70 musically
diverse artists, and live performances
by some of the most talented staff
around. The basic principle of EDC is to
provide an experience like none other,
and as previous EDCs go, Insomniac
nailed it. The production, details, and
all of the minute things in between,
were a sight to see. One of the largest
highlights of the show is an odd one.
At about 4pm on Saturday, a massive
storm provided at least 1-2 inches of
rain which lasted about an hour and a
half. While this would have caused a
hiccup at any normal show…EDC isn’t
a normal show. Everyone danced in
the rain and embraced Mother Nature
as their own, further enhancing an
experience rather than fighting it. At
the end of the day, Insomniac provided
another amazing lasting impression
among patrons. It’s never too late to
plan ahead for next year’s show. Just
be sure to bring your dancing shoes….
and maybe an umbrella. –Tavit

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