Woodstock…the imagination roars
when you hear the iconic word.
Woodstock 69’ was in a time of
revolution, rebellion, and free spirits.
On Memorial Day Weekend, 2014,
those exact same grounds welcomed
Mysteryland. Brought to the USA by
ID&T/SFX, this 21+ EDM (Electronic
Dance Music) festival is the first
festival in 45 years to be hosted at
Woodstock. Nearly 20,000 attendees
from 27 countries arrived, 7,500
camped, and all of them embraced
the longest running dance festival in
the world. When you walked in, it was
as if you had transported to the inside
of a story book. Attention to detail
from the ground up was incredible.
The theatrics, performers, installation
art, were all brought to life through
the designs, setting, and the people
embracing it. The stages were unlike
anything you have ever seen. The main
stage looked like it was built by a deck
of giant cards and some mini stages
replicated a boat and other incredible
designs. Alongside the festival scenery,
you could walk to any stage and
dive right into whatever music that
was playing. I remember just looking
around at some point and thinking to
myself, “Wow, this is phenomenal.”
And it was. The enthusiasm, energy,
and statute of the show were surreal.
Kaskade concluded Mysteryland which
was followed by a 10 minute (seemed
like 10) choreographed epic firework
show to bass thumping beats. A big
appreciation and thank you to all of
the crew members and staff that made
the inaugural show a success. Be sure
to not miss out in 2015. This is a must
attend event if you love music and a
one of a kind festival experience.
“Yesterday is history. Today is a gift.
Tomorrow is a mystery.”

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